Accessing AF Grant

The Arannayk Foundation normally solicits proposals for grants once a year. However, it depends on the priority of the program, availability of fund and work load of AF Secretariat. The following steps are followed for awarding grants:

Step-1: Financial Planning

  • AF Secretariat develops financial plan annually. The plan is submitted to the Finance Standing Committee (FSC) for review. After reviewing, FSC makes recommendation on the budget for Board’s approval.
  • The Board discusses and approves the annual financial plan.

Step-2: Program Development

  • AF Secretariat identifies biodiversity issues through interaction with relevant organizations and select new programs/projects
  • AF Secretariat prepares a concept note on the problem and submits to Program and Operation Standing Committee (POSC) for review. After review the proposal is send to the Board for approval.
  • The Board discusses and approve the programs/projects proposed by the Secretariat to make call for proposal.
  • The AF Secretariat proposes five names of reputed relevant professionals to form a Peer Review Team (PRT) comprised of three members for approval by the Board. The Board approves three names out of five for reviewing the project proposals.

Step-3: Public Call for Proposals

  • The AF Secretariat makes public call, receive proposals and review the proposal for compliance.

Step-4: Evaluation and Selection of Project Proposals

  • The AF Secretariat then invites the reviewers at the AF Secretariat to sign contract and review the proposals following Project Proposal Evaluation Tool (PPET) and related guidelines for assessing and scoring the proposals.
  • The AF Secretariat compiles the scores of the PRT members and calculates the average scores. Proposals receiving 60% or higher scores are considered as qualified
  • The AF Secretariat assesses the physical facilities, existing human resources and quality of work of the shortlisted entities and checks their relevant documents by visiting their offices and fields and interviewing their key staff members, project beneficiaries and other stakeholders. Based on such assessment process the Secretariat assigns a numeric score using the physical verification tools.
  • Secretariat combines weighted scores of the PRT members and that of the Secretariat allocating 60% and 40% weights, respectively and rank the candidate (qualified) proposals based on the combined scores.
  • Secretariat submits the combined scores along with other remarks and recommendations to the Board for decisions.

Step-5: Grant Disbursement

  • Secretariat submits the combined scores along with other remarks and recommendations to the Board for decisions.
  • The Board reviews the results of the evaluation process and the remarks and recommendations of the AF Secretariat and makes the final selection for awarding grant.
  • Secretariat notifies the decision of the Board, and sign Grant Agreement with, the proponents of the selected proposals.
  • Secretariat disburses grant on the basis of Grant Agreement signed between AF and the Grant Recipient.

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